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Buy the right property in MacIntyre Crescent Pelican Waters with these tips

In Caloundra, Macintyre Crescent Pelican Waters is among the more popular post codes, especially for people looking to own a property close to the beach or the coastline of the Coral Sea.

There are plenty of developments nearby, including in the Golden Beach. It’s up to you to decide where to buy or rent a house or an apartment for permanent beach living or a beach getaway.

macintyre crescent pelican waters

With your acquisition, you can…

… indulge in different beach activities.

With an apartment in Renaissance Golden Beach residents and visitors recommend, you can hit the beach as frequently as you like. Take a dip in iridescent blue waters, go surfing, or simply lounge by the beach.

Since your apartment is just a stone’s throw away, you can enjoy a beach holiday practically every day.

… enjoy the health benefits of beach life.

Sufficient exposure to the sun is good for your skin and health. Vitamin D, anyone? The cool wind of the sea is abundant with oxygen too that will boost your mood. So, why pass up an opportunity to own a property in Macintyre Crescent Pelican Waters?

How to find excellent properties online

1. Pick your ideal location

Pelican Waters isn’t the only waterfront location in Caloundra; Esplanade Caloundra is too. So, it’s not enough to say you want to live near the beach, you need to be specific too.

  • Are you looking somewhere close to different amenities and facilities?
  • Do you prefer living far from the busiest part of town?
  • Do you want to wake up and sleep with the beach as the first and last thing you see?
  • Check out listings with comprehensive property data.

This is the best way to get all the details before you go for an ocular inspection. With all the information on hand, you don’t need to waste time and money if a property proves to be less ideal. So, whether it’s Pelican Waters or the Esplanade Caloundra, look for detailed listings.

2. Search for a property that fits your preferences

The Caloundra real estate market offers different properties. You can acquire lands, houses, apartments, and rental properties. Some of them have 2 to 4-bedrooms, with or without a carpark, and a view overlooking the sea. Your preferences and needs will help narrow down your options.

3. Ask for clear and accurate financial information

No one likes to be told that they still have other fees to pay after the initial amount was given, and you’ve signed the dotted line. Spare yourself from such surprises by asking about monthly leases, electricity payments, maintenance bills, and parking fees, among others.

Hire a real estate agent well-versed in the local market landscape

If you want to buy a property in Macintyre Crescent Pelican Waters, hire someone who knows the location inside and out. He can help you find a house by the beach that has the right number of rooms and amenities you’re looking for.

Because he’s familiar with the documents required, he can assist you to comply with the permits and paperwork as well.  Find out at,3528.

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